So, what's the deal with Skip?

Skip celebrates brands by shooting distinctive imagery to brief. You'll never want to use a stock image again.

Skip creates captivating, exclusive and affordable photography by some of the best in the business.

Skip has shot for some of the biggest and brightest local and international brands.

Skip creates inspirational and engaging images across all channels (Internal, external digital, print and out-of-home) and works closely with clients and marketing teams to capture a brand’s essence and ensure it stands out from the rest.

Skip will take care of production from beginning to end. Skip glides through seamlessly.

Skip is affordable and is exclusive to you. What’s your brand story worth?  Skip understands how far budgets need to stretch and how not to break them. Skip’s costs are transparent and Skip images are great value for money. 

Skip. For New Zealander brands by New Zealand photographers. Stay local.


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